Productive Night

A productive time pass yesterday night where I picked my pencil and diary to write these few words. Google Images present turned to pastin no time I could write nothingto call as rhyme an hour passed byto accomplish this crime I do not thinkI can even call it mine guilty, for this plagiarismcan attract a… Continue reading Productive Night

Mind Said,”

WAKE UP the tears have driedyour face is glowingthe stress free kind darkness hid yourvulnerable statethe pillow readily embraced your tearslike your best friend while listening to your sad talkssleep took over that piercing painand made you strong the night is important, bid farewell to the pastpresent needs your acceptance to changefor the future to… Continue reading Mind Said,”

Chatting with Past

Chatting with pastPresent moving fastDeciding about the futureWhile straightening my posture. I am not ashamedAt least feeling not framedFeelings once I heldSeem to have diminished and clearly dealt. Roads of the heart are now emptyFor the one I am waiting for shall be my bountyLove in loads reside insideIce like sculpture from outside ┬ęKritika