Grandmas Doing Push Ups

Age is an excuse
To get rid of all the clues
Not to solve any health puzzle
In the ears, the oldies put nozzles

50 year olds don’t care
Fitness techniques for them is a dare
Excuses which seem not fair
Body pains they are ready to share

Pretending to be doing yoga poses
Working together on poking others noses
Choosing friends for laughter doses
Easily all the focus looses

30 year olds are doing the same
Working their asses off like insane
Running after wants and money
Everything about health is funny

Rare articles about grandmas doing push ups
Others cannot even think about early waking up

Healthy living is a choice
Do listen to the pleading inner voice.



Hope you like the thought.🙂


One could stay tuned…

I have seen people
die in love
never knew
one could wait to
one could stay tuned
dance in the rain
passionately waiting
be it a silent cry
sobs with no voice
but love stays

so pure
its intrinsic value is
hard to ignore
its features
courage and patience
delay in deliverance
loving someone is
loving your ownself

beautiful and commendable
the once who wait
with patience
enjoying its true self
encouraged enough
to know themselves
singing songs like
chirping birds
playing guitars
with music beating
like heart

its no waste
the uncertain nature
life carries
does has a meaning
a goal
love is no joke
in and out of it
gives life a meaning
a certainity
of your living
this wonderful life

Love it.
Life needs to be loved to find love.



Miss my fish, my only pet

Its the natural pain within me

screaming and crying to drown in your company

so blessed I felt around you

so obessesed I was taking care of you

your soul left your body numb

my heart sank touching the bottom

hope you would have find a comfortable place afterlife

my tears are the answer as the time passes by

shall keep you within me always

can never find anyone to replace

this parting is painful

but your suffering was more hurtful

have never loved another soul so pure

your memories are only there to keep me alive for sure

love you more than anything near to me in this life Red.

Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it.

Day before yesterday, I buried my only pet my fish Mr. Red.

A guilt

So true was my soul
Now filled with guilt
Deep down I felt
So lost and helpless

Running away from the past
Ruining everything inside me at last
What am I doing? Was the question raised
Am I playing with my own self? With disgrace.

Selfishness is where my thoughts are leading me
I am not helping my self is the thing haunting me.
Such an honest soul I am, repeating the same mistake again.
Why? For what?  Questioning began.

Blocking what I thought was true.
Clearing my mind to start something new.
Not knowing if a person can ever be blocked from the mind.
So helpless and doubtful. Am I of this kind?

Talk it out was the only option.
I needed a good friend for suggestion.
Take time to sit back and spend time with own self .
Things will turn out good when you detox your core self.

Need a clean Bye from the past.
To find a new Me, I should do it fast.
Soon will gain normality.
With the new rising Sun, I will be filled with quality.

Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it. 🙂

Hedious Human

The girl cried,’Let go of me’

The monster kept hurting her

and to the extreme.

Her unstoppable tears and excruciating pain.

The hedious human didn’t even saw

as the act let him to cut her vein.

The surroundings were turning black with every breath passing by.

Left without an aide from any passer by.

This is humanity and its vicious reality.

Drowned and depressed in its own cruelty.

A female bears the monster and nurtures him for this monstrosity?

Hurting another, is it sanity?

Thank you for reading. I don’t know if its complete or not. But I was out of words. It is my first time writing about this pain. Please do comment and let me know how should I amend it.