OpeNinG blInDs

Opening Blinds softness of the green grassadorned in new clothes after the rains fill them with a kissa comfort to the painful soul the feet feel the luxury of loverains made with the green turfonce the skin meets this comfortmind overpasses the problematic stuff the pale eyes rekindle with joyvibrancy engulfs heart and mindjump and… Read More OpeNinG blInDs

wiLl yOu tRy?

Will You Try? Dear Sun, Drowning is my preferenceHeart palpitates in painFacing you to soak your lightLet me bath in you to be saneSurrounding is muzzling my effortsPlaying mentally to suffocateThe breath of freshness is desiredYour energy is a better mateQueries unsolved have dissolvedIn the ocean of tears now dryA piece of peace I think… Read More wiLl yOu tRy?

Turbulent Sea

born to be fed on the platter of sufferingsand pain, a distressed female. tossing and turning on the bed in darkness, hiding the aching heart. Ignorance till when shall calm? the turbulent sea never wanted a sea shorefull of sparkling shells. Engaging in discomfort, comfort nevergave her any credit. laden with years of sweat, she… Read More Turbulent Sea