Bright Day: Sunshine Blogger Award (2)

'Look at the rising Sun and consume its warmth. You need it every day to start it with golden thoughts.' Delighted to have been nominated by an amazing writer: Valentina from Valentina's Works. I like her interesting Instagram posts which are filled with beautiful thoughts. Do go through her work both on Instagram (poems_by_valentina) and… Continue reading Bright Day: Sunshine Blogger Award (2)

Sun is Shining Bright: Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination

Day before yesterday, I posted a little dose of positivity, PoP: Pop of Positivity, wherein I quoted Max Muller which impressed Salina (I would like to call you Sal sounds cool :)) from Sal's Innovative Thoughts & Creations and she nominated the blog for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Sunshine Blogger Award Thank you so much… Continue reading Sun is Shining Bright: Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination

Nominated for Mystery Bloggers Award

Excited or NormalI know not nominated by thevelto whom I am thankful foryour kindnessI am thankful foryour humblenessconsidering mefor this mysterious awardthis blogging funnow seems to have startedto get into form ┬ęKritika Seriously a mystery for me with some rules to be followed. Frankly, I always mention others I am new to writing which led to blogging. This… Continue reading Nominated for Mystery Bloggers Award