Twinkling Eyes


Touching her calm face, relaxed my panic ridden mind. For some minutes, I pondered over what made her to keep her apartments door unlocked when she had planned to lay naked on the carpet of her drawing room. She was asleep. After locking the door, I went to pick her silky smooth body in my arms but, to my surprise, she grasped my hand and sucked the middle finger and pushed it inside the mouth of her arousal. She went deeper with slow moans and slowly pulled it out while opening her lecherous eyes which awakened my hidden desires.

Never was easy to take the eyes off when her perfumed dauntless figure wandered in the society. Since the day she moved in, she has been the centre of attraction. A charming face with toned muscles seducing many to perform the act of onanism while thinking about her. Me, being the neighbour of this beauty, has admired her daily workout routine which has pushed me to work more hard on my muscles. The already sturdy self has annoyed many married men as their wives have tried to hit on me. Her presence in the society gym ignites a sense of competition with a deep desire to touch her. The black mini skirt showing off her thighs, the tight round of the hips lifting her skirt a little, my fantasies had no limit but did never dared to even say a ‘Hi’.

As a neighbour, I noticed her following the same routine today up until evening when her absence caused discomfort. Worried about the same I gathered courage to knock at her apartment door. No response signaled my hands to try the knob which clicked and I saw her lying naked on her living rooms carpet. Terrified to hell went straight towards her body which was glowing in peace.

End of Part 1
A Short Story by Kritika

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