Perplexed Vexation

damn these cheeks are hotforget not, this is what?do not know what shit to writeso chose face, is it alright?no foundation to concealrough look a tough veilbeauty not much of concernknowledge is an important termdoes body needs a tiring run?reminder for life: it is funchosing present overcoming pastwalk, run or jog but fastlifes moves are… Continue reading Perplexed Vexation

Now A Selfish Crown

you were let downby the world whodidn't gave you your crown ranked always amongst the averageno love was showeredby the beloveds who praised others of your age broken and lost you found depressionas your solutionliving life to the fullestnever was your intention compared, dejected by your own belovedsrunning away gradually becameĀ the objective searching for solaceĀ … Continue reading Now A Selfish Crown

Battle between two extremists

Nerves in the body shout'Positives move and capture the battle ground'Negatives overheard this soundSpeed up, its a race, be a hound. Negatives start before the positives find outMoving fast they capture the battle groundShouting and roaring giving victorious vibesPositives surrounding them with glorious smiles Alertness running throughout the team 'Negatives''Game has just begun' informed the… Continue reading Battle between two extremists