taPesTry Of pEtaLs on (InDiaN peRioDicAl mAgaZinE)

Tapestry of Petals grew up into a magnificent beingeach with its own shape and sizeforming a bundle of joy and peacethe gleaming petals radiated light...(continued) You can also find the poem onFacebook and Twitter byKritika Note from the AuthorCopyright 2020 (All rights reserved)Copying of the content and image is not permissible. The writers put in… Continue reading taPesTry Of pEtaLs on (InDiaN peRioDicAl mAgaZinE)


https://www.stocksy.com/1294070/two-small-happy-children-completely-covered-in-mud-outside Mud slippery brown in the greenrains create this blessed scenetasting it all are many small feetplayfully they dance as the Nature greets motherly comfort when they falltransforms to a bed as they crawlmassaging their muscles with its greasereadying future soldiers by acting as their lee byKritika Note from the AuthorCopyright 2020 (All rights reserved)Copying… Continue reading mUd

The Enchantment

https://mpasho.co.ke/from-pekejeng-twa-twa-to-tip-tip-other-names-used-to-refer-to-s3x/ rough hands held hers tight, dragging towards the water tide.echoes of their romance created a strong magnetic field, betweenher lips and his eyes, proof were the blushing cheeks. questioning mouth wondering at the beating heart. boughs whispering,birds gaping, surroundings watching this coercive start. solitude inpartnership was pinching every inch. the time against them, yelling,it… Continue reading The Enchantment