Moon as a Teacher

Google Images The night walk In the cool airHeadphones onI start to repair Song startsFor the brave heartsNoted the timethe shoes with the music chimed A glance at the skyMy feet suddenly stopwith fixated eyes which try to intensely analyse Clouds dancingAround the MoonOn the musicTo me unknown Shining brightlyShowing off its beautyThe dignified Moon standsConducting… Continue reading Moon as a Teacher

The Resonating Voice play some more of thatlet me also get soldto the touching lyricsmusic is targeting a weak mole the chasm in relationshipmust be the main causehis beatific voice now affects so many broken hearts drowning is what I would preferthe voice of the singer is heartwords from his mouth are purelike flying dove in the… Continue reading The Resonating Voice

A Female Thief

“Mr. Rich has not left the bookstore since last two nights. What do you think is he up to? The curiosity is killing me. Wonder what the problem is. Has his wife kicked him out of home?” Mr. Pen said to Mr. Pencil who was relaxing inside a beautifully carved wooden pen stand. Mr. Pencil… Continue reading A Female Thief