Perplexed Vexation

damn these cheeks are hot
forget not, this is what?
do not know what shit to write
so chose face, is it alright?
no foundation to conceal
rough look a tough veil
beauty not much of concern
knowledge is an important term
does body needs a tiring run?
reminder for life: it is fun
chosing present overcoming past
walk, run or jog but fast
lifes moves are not brisk
take chances admire risks
such thoughts are thresholds
the motivated mind scolds
use what pen or paper or cellphone?
mind should set this as alarm tone
writing is a beautiful art
flow of exact words is a perfect start
better write to describe
inspirational words need a scribe
many exists of the same tribe
would bath give a nice vibe?
sored muscles will find satisfaction
warm or cold choose wisely
treat this body nicely
tiresome soul thoughtful mind
walking and writing a perfect grind
a movie is a thoughtful opinion
suggested by a friend named: Minion
after all this, a word comes RELAX
nobody is asking for the Tax
grab coffee switch off the light
watch new Superman for timely delight


This is what I go through in my mind when I am upset: Mood Swings. Perplexed, disheartened, pessimist thoughts start irritating me. I feel like giving up everything as if their are no doors left to open. I am not Alice and this is no wonderland, obviously, but I try. I try to raise my positive inner voice by help of yoga or a brisk walk or bath or writing like this to vent my trouble. Do you feel like this ever? I do not know if it is common or not but failures add to this negativity. Failures created by society, US HUMANS, which some people are able to cope but some drown. #mentalhealth #mentalpressure created by elder generations is destroying our present an abyss for future.
Hope and faith are two strong pillars giving us strength.

A Vampire Movie


Vampire movies are attraction
Mortal Immortal love, a fantastic situation
Audience applauding on this romantic relation

Ancient stories of the vampires goes side by side
The good and the bad vampires always fight
This background of the story
gives the audience an insight

Disturbance created by the mortals introduction
Beautiful tale and a nice work of fiction
Mortal and Immortal love affair
targets audience affection

Fighting between the good and the evil
Love affair is the main point of rebel
The story maintains the surprise level

Good vampire wins the mortal beauty
Protecting mortal is Immortals duty
Audience ranking for the story is fruity.


I seriously didn’t thought of anything today. Producing what I had in mind. Weird? Comments please..