Tap Tap

Tap Tap tapping the moon to wake uphear me as I wistfully speaktime runs like the light on spacehelp me to attain my dreams secret formula the Stars possessshimmer they attached to my wingswake up Moon you are the one leftcradle me with a lullaby you sing byKritika Note from the AuthorCopyright 2020 (All rights […]

buDdiNg lOve

Budding Love the verecund Moonincandescently charmingVenus admiring byKritika *Haiku is a form of poetry where total 17 syllables are distributed in three lines of 5-7-5 syllable count, respectively. Picture Credit: Kate of Aroused.She has an amazing collection of photos with words which will heal your soul. Get inspired by visiting her blog. Thank you Kate […]


Teleport teleporting I prefer to getting lost in the poetry of nature loversheart and mind both in sync leave the current place and flow with the poets wordstraveling through the beautiful meadows, meeting the different flowers and trees love following and merging with the wind; marking its presence at every place be it dark or […]