Happy Busy Saturday and Free Sunday

As the week is ending there are personal works pendingthe house too needs cleaning and mending discern between dark and lightthe heap of clothes should be washed rightwashing machine is fully packed and tight arranging papers and bookswiping and dusting all nooksassessing walls to hammer the new hooks plants and flowers needs watercan find a lot of muddy dotterwish a wand… Continue reading Happy Busy Saturday and Free Sunday

Taste each type of honey

There is so much to exploreEveryday I hope to not have been broke The world has unexplored treasuresBody craves to feel those pleasures The colourful life of gipsies and wanderersWish to become one of such travellers Lustful eyes deliberately surf the internetWatching earth videos and photographswhich they never forget Selfishly busy creating a business for… Continue reading Taste each type of honey

For A Day, Stop Trying

Don't shake off this feelingYour body seems to be leaning Let go of the habit of worrying Stay, don't start hurrying The energy levels are decreasing It is that day when you should start feeding Body and soul both need a positive fillingMoney and Haste are demons out for killing Pick a good book for readingHold a cup… Continue reading For A Day, Stop Trying