care not about the terrene affairs
will not get anything in return
only the burden of disguised pleasure
will rise, sulking the overloaded shoulders

wealth is nothing but only a cause of demise
of the mental state for the gypsy beings
you know you were not made to live in stress
when only a little money can fulfill all your dreams


*Picture Credit: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/08/well/mind/stress-can-make-you-sick-take-steps-to-reduce-it.html

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‘Something’ to ‘Nothing’

Photo by Bhola shanker Katariya on Pexels.com

Says Nothing :
nights ruined by nightmares
overthinking consume the days
wherefore the time is running
clueless the mind and body stays

Replies Something:
surrender is easier but uncomfortable
broken can be gilded by gold
impossible already has ‘possible’
shift the focus towards your goal




Photo by Johannes Schru00f6ter on Pexels.com

Why do not my words reach to you? Actions have been depicting the same for a long time. Still I ponder on the why of miscommunication. Every time I try to react to the irrational questions, I feel like I should adopt silence. It is empty inside. The dark place is numb. Only the song of ‘Linkin Park’ rings in my head and I get lost in its lyrics which defines me.

I want to scream though, out loud where my voice at least reverberates the truth that I am alive. Loosen those tightly pursed lips with words which will be hard to digest but I know, they will not hold any meaning as I have been tagged mentally disturbed.

Are words or actions so difficult to decipher that we easily call a person mentally disturbed? Some people prefer not to speak. They want to be understood. The some who do, will weave a different story. Till then enjoy the song. (Link of the Song in the Text)