Procrastinating by Thinking

Will make a planA time table to complete Tasks on priority Day passed by thinkingPlanning inside the headSoon could see the dawning sun's silhouette Should sleep for a whileTomorrow the sun will shine brightA new day for the new plan Pondering over the sameStill wasting the timeKnowing about it does not stops Tomorrow and overmorrowWhen will I… Continue reading Procrastinating by Thinking

Time to Wake Up

The road is longMy patience is not strongTime is the never stopping riverMy management of it is a terror Keenly I observeMy ways to serveThis gun is heavyMy hand on the trigger seem shaky What is all this going on?Am I devising a comfortable zone?Enough learning I possessTo reckon I am creating a mess Actuate the triggerThe… Continue reading Time to Wake Up