The Enchantment rough hands held hers tight, dragging towards the water tide.echoes of their romance created a strong magnetic field, betweenher lips and his eyes, proof were the blushing cheeks. questioning mouth wondering at the beating heart. boughs whispering,birds gaping, surroundings watching this coercive start. solitude inpartnership was pinching every inch. the time against them, yelling,it… Continue reading The Enchantment

My Magical Cloud

magic beanswhere can I find them? to fill lifewith adventuresfairy tales with demonsfighting like the tomb raiderkilling dangerous speciesacting as a savior dinosaurs sound amazinggodzilla in my city roamingriding on the Hercules' Pegasuswatching the world from a long distance where are these magic beans?if not beans then a wand will suffice my enter this fantasy… Continue reading My Magical Cloud