You know you are wrong. You know it deep down that you are wrong. Still you tend to make the same mistake. Not once, not twice but number of times till you are satisfied with that wrong being wrong. Are you trying to make that wrong right? No, please. It is you trying hard toContinue reading “Explore”

Not A Slave

Leaving the bed thinking did I meant it last night. This combination of heart and mind. Huh.Why are we fucked up when it comes to heart?Acting as slaves. Thinking I might be wrong.Knowing ‘might’ is not the right word. Either a Yes or a No. It was my ‘Call’, my decision.I am not a Slave.NoContinue reading “Not A Slave”

Degraded but Motivated

Lost and abducted by my own thoughts of degradation. Is this a trait I follow? Getting away every time after perceiving a signal. Managing myself by self motivating words. Thinking why and what of every step I took. Liking is easy but loving takes time. I should have crawled slowly and steadily. Knowing I wouldContinue reading “Degraded but Motivated”