it starts fadinglike the dyelosing the realitymight be it was worn too muchtoo used to be keptlike the original a limit attached to everythingdemands a changeeven the pyjamas get holeswhen overused byKritika *Please donate the clothes before they get holes. **Picture Credit: Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Note from the AuthorCopyright 2020 (All rightsContinue reading “Limit”


Opening the treasure door by bidding farewell to the mystery related to ‘Tipsy’ today with a little history which led to its creation. My wondering on how could my digital art work benefit me, as I was indulging in it more, provoked me to research on it. There was so much online that I wasContinue reading “OpeNinG”


A flower was born. Remember my ‘Digital Art Work‘ post in which you had to select the one you like the most. If you do not or are a new boarder or are just checking Undressed Thoughts, then click the link below the image. This is created by ‘Tipsy Finger Tip‘, my right hand. IsContinue reading “flOweR”