‘Something’ to ‘Nothing’

Photo by Bhola shanker Katariya on Pexels.com

Says Nothing :
nights ruined by nightmares
overthinking consume the days
wherefore the time is running
clueless the mind and body stays

Replies Something:
surrender is easier but uncomfortable
broken can be gilded by gold
impossible already has ‘possible’
shift the focus towards your goal



Talking Shadow

praising the curves of my own shadow
a crucial matter struck my mind
an urge to solve by self talking
around midnight i gave me time

to the shadow i spoke freely
will you teach me how to comprehend
the faces i meet turn out to be fake
then i cry thinking it was my mistake
then again i meet the same fake faces
again i curse myself to not have learned
the longer the time spent with each
the more distressing it becomes
unknown if its me or if its the other person
but for me i should have learned the lesson

my shadow gave me a sympathetic look
as if it already had a solution
from the mouth of my own it spoke
without spending much time
just relax and hold
by deep inhales and exhales
give yourself some time
your trouble is as light as a bubble
which floats confidently in air
what matters to you is you
better yourself to know you better
develop yourself to prioritise what matters
you need to understand you first to understand others
spending time with self should be your thirst



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