Google Images Roughly she spread some cardsfor the buyer to choose and pickhe did it because of a reasonhis life, he was not able to fix Life is making him to rub his shoes.Life is full of sufferings he did not choose.he wanted life to be easy and smooththe cards said he would have to… Continue reading Tooth-less


Adding a story to it, though I should not but can't make it all about learning. A doctor nearby, now has become very much familiar with my family, suggested my mother to tell me to stop using Google search. He said I know more about my diseases than he does. He thinks I overthink. Huh,he… Continue reading Learning

Talking Shadow

praising the curves of my own shadowa crucial matter struck my mindan urge to solve by self talkingaround midnight i gave me time to the shadow i spoke freelywill you teach me how to comprehendthe faces i meet turn out to be fakethen i cry thinking it was my mistakethen again i meet the same… Continue reading Talking Shadow