noT thE kiSs

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Not The Kiss

I don’t want to kiss you now
I want to steal your stare
I want to see the world in your eyes
and drown in that atmosphere

I don’t want to kiss you now
I want to watch your lips
speaking about life and love
and many more pleasing things

I don’t want to kiss you now
I want to liberate in your presence
inhale the aroma of your calm soul
and soak in my favourite fragrance


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Scribble Giggle

when the baby
scribbles and smiles
reflecting creativity
from his eyes
shining bright
like a twinkling star
the baby moves
with innocent laughs

gripping crayons
with small hands
sensible colour choice
making cute noise
putting all his strength
tearing paper apart
killing with cuteness
grabs every heart

attention it seeks
feels itself a geek
with its innovative hands
it crawls to explore the lands
playing in sand
beating drums like in a band
building blocks
sucking its foot covered in socks

the sight so loving
peacefully watching
picking the baby in arms
kissing cheeks the only harm(for it)
inevitable balmy hug
leaving the shit of the world with a shrug
heart and mind become wise
magnetically affected feeling divine

@ Kritika

Hope you like to tease babies which such naughtiness. I enjoy the same a lot. 😀