Trip to the Woods

Wandering in the woodsMountains acting as hoodsWeek went byI had the wings to fly To watch the beauty from aboveEvery angle and inch coveredTaking pictures to show off my discoveryMaking my comrades jealous, filling them with avidity Did the same without the wingsExplored two cities that beautifully singSongs of mountains and waterfallsLyrics by birds which enjoy the company of this all. A… Continue reading Trip to the Woods

Life is Unpredictable

I didn’t knew a totally new world lay ahead of me. So new that I had to actually pinch myself to know the truth. A life filled with ponies and rainbows. I embraced its arrival. Or it embraced me. No idea. But every step is filled with a welcoming warmth. Leaving me to feel calm… Continue reading Life is Unpredictable


A woman is the soul and essence of every relationship. She knows the quantity of sugar or salt to be poured in any kind of dish. She is the base composed of strength. She is the beauty and the beast. She is the creator and the destroyer. Respect her. Adore her. Acknowledge her. Compliment her.… Continue reading HWD’19