A Naughty Programme

You were a naughty programme
designed by my creative mind
the algorithm I wrote that time
added spices with a drop of lime

nasty thoughts and lustful statements
with ifs and if nots, I wrote my forever ailment
writing it, gave me a comforted pleasure
your presence was my crafted treasure

days and nights dedicated to the A4 sheets
played with naughty thoughts and hotty dreams
carefully observed my wants and desires
penned them down with hopes on fire

end result though was ransom
to me you were my only handsome
I gave you my time and patience
you lovingly defined my existence


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Trip to the Woods

Wandering in the woods
Mountains acting as hoods
Week went by
I had the wings to fly

To watch the beauty from above
Every angle and inch covered
Taking pictures to show off my discovery
Making my comrades jealous, filling them with avidity

Did the same without the wings
Explored two cities that beautifully sing
Songs of mountains and waterfalls
Lyrics by birds which enjoy the company of this all.

A relief  surged from within
The trip ended with memories and photographs featuring
Me and my friend making faces
Marking the success of our journey by undoing our shoe laces.



Life is Unpredictable

I didn’t knew a totally new world lay ahead of me.

So new that I had to actually pinch myself to know the truth.

A life filled with ponies and rainbows.

I embraced its arrival.

Or it embraced me. No idea.

But every step is filled with a welcoming warmth.

Leaving me to feel calm and peaceful inside.

The time period is unknown.

But its good to savour its taste.

Accept what comes to you. Its life and being unpredictable is its nature.


A woman is the soul and essence of every relationship.

She knows the quantity of sugar or salt to be poured in any kind of dish.

She is the base composed of strength.

She is the beauty and the beast.

She is the creator and the destroyer.

Respect her.

Adore her.

Acknowledge her.

Compliment her.

Push her to grow.

She is Love.

Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it. Comments are welcome. Keep smiling. All the best.