teLepOrt Teleport teleporting I prefer to getting lost in the poetry of nature loversheart and mind both in sync leave the current place and flow with the poets wordstraveling through the beautiful meadows, meeting the different flowers and trees love following and merging with the wind; marking its presence at every place be it dark… Continue reading teLepOrt

The Enchantment rough hands held hers tight, dragging towards the water tide.echoes of their romance created a strong magnetic field, betweenher lips and his eyes, proof were the blushing cheeks. questioning mouth wondering at the beating heart. boughs whispering,birds gaping, surroundings watching this coercive start. solitude inpartnership was pinching every inch. the time against them, yelling,it… Continue reading The Enchantment

The Achene Flight

Google Images The leaf whispered in my ear:'Would you like to travel dear?' A dandelion stared in my eyes:'A ride without any price.' Approval of the palpitating heart.Nerves throbbing for the journey to start. Would have to hold the achene tight.Only fearless choose this risky flight. Gradually attaining a good height.Found many like me, the… Continue reading The Achene Flight