At 4:01 AM a thought of switching On the lightat 4 am in the nightto sit uprightpick the diary and pencilto write arrived but within a minutethe same thought diedto winters, I told I am in no mood to fightso let me sleep tight at 4:01 am in the nightI hugged my pillowpulled the blanketand said good… Continue reading At 4:01 AM

Two O Two O

Do you like Calvin and Hobbes, a newspaper comic by Bill Watterson?Commonly cited as 'the last great newspaper comic'. Calvin, a child and Hobbes, his stuffed tiger toy. Calvin lives in an imaginary world full of possibilities where Hobbes is his best companion to communicate whatever he feels and thinks about the world. The duo… Continue reading Two O Two O

Is this last?

Probably my last, you see, I cannot. It is really difficult for me. This writing is a lot different and with a rat last time, I somehow managed. But trust me, this post was my first time of writing something which makes a person laugh. Google Images 'In the middle of the nightMy bladder was… Continue reading Is this last?