We Relax

want to take it slowso that I could feelthe rushing emotionsheart beats at peak your presence in my armsvoicing words making me laughfor the time, I wish could pauseonly chirping of birds and strings of guitar wondering at my easecarelessly handling selfoh, your use of words like 'please'madly have drowned in your charm hold me… Continue reading We Relax

Beauty, No Beast

Google Images the ink on the nibtreated my torn heartfilled pages with afflicting wordsfixing fissures which caused harm ranting in metaphorsthe outrage I wished to causesmearing blank pages with redlike his blood on the marble floor alas this beauty mistaken to be a beastis a self made figure of nobilityafraid be you, as her sword… Continue reading Beauty, No Beast

HER/HIM: On Cloud Nine

shutterstock.com The setting sun united two people who were apart for awhile with a happy ending to the micro series as well. You might have guessed that the events mentioned in the series are of a day. Compact and ImpactfulWas it?Please let me know your reviews through comments. I am also attaching the links for… Continue reading HER/HIM: On Cloud Nine