‘No care for the Sky’ by Goff James and Kritika

FREE SPIRIT FLIGHT Birds in Flight Watercolor Giclee Fine Art Print by Diana Turner No care for the skyThe bird was meant to fly highA flutter of breezeBoughs whispering wakeSilence stains the break of dayFreedom attracts hope byGoff James and Kritika Maheshwari A collaborative effort of Goff James and Kritika (me) wherein Goff has helped… Continue reading ‘No care for the Sky’ by Goff James and Kritika

Beautiful Art

giphy.com sipping a cup of teawhile gazing the vast oceanadmiring the shades of blueas the waves are in motion felt the shifting heartconsuming the smell of peacelife is a beautiful artnature is hope, keeping us at ease deeply inhaling the cold breezereturned the empty cup of teano thoughts can conquer this peaceuntil next time, eyes… Continue reading Beautiful Art