poOr tHinGs

Poor Things MY Clothes Hangers are finding the clothes heavyHelpless dust is adhering to gravityHope filled closet keeps staring at me‘Hang on a little more’ I say, ‘Will soon come to thee.’ MY Foot Wears Magic they long for, for the momentMoving to adventurous places, they dreamMask of dust is making there look filthy‘Master, Master’ […]

puBliSheD on The ShoRt oF it/I wrIte Her

Published on The Short of It/I Write Her Hope Lift that chin which dropped in lovePast hard time was best but toughHeart is not an object, humans are doveA full of hope Sky is always above Dream Stream Hand me the now empty glassWant to pour in new dreamsWhile drunk on the past onesI realize […]

‘No care for the Sky’ by Goff James and Kritika

No care for the skyThe bird was meant to fly highA flutter of breeze Boughs whispering wakeSilence stains the break of dayFreedom attracts hope byGoff James and Kritika Maheshwari A collaborative effort of Goff James and Kritika (me) wherein Goff has helped me to understand what a Haiku is. Being a free verse writer, it […]