Beauty, No Beast

Google Images the ink on the nibtreated my torn heartfilled pages with afflicting wordsfixing fissures which caused harm ranting in metaphorsthe outrage I wished to causesmearing blank pages with redlike his blood on the marble floor alas this beauty mistaken to be a beastis a self made figure of nobilityafraid be you, as her sword… Continue reading Beauty, No Beast

Chalk Particles

Blackboard duster with my innocencewrote love wordson a blackboardwith white chalk your eyes sawand blinkedthe white dusteryou picked slowly wiped the wordsthe heart started to hurt dust particles on the floor spreadwere the broken piecesof my heart, now dead @ Kritika Desperately wanted to use chalk particles as a simile for pieces of heart.… Continue reading Chalk Particles

Jealous Mistress

Thanks to Pinterest Jealous mistressin distresstossing and turningin stresskisses and hugsshe missedsmell of himshe wishedsound of rainshe heardmoved out of roomlike a birdunder the skyshe stoodthe #lashing rainhurt her headwithout hoodshe whisperedto the rainto take awaythis pain ┬ęKritika Very short story style I wrote for Twitters daily #vss365 Fun to indulge in short writing prompts.… Continue reading Jealous Mistress