Beautiful Art sipping a cup of teawhile gazing the vast oceanadmiring the shades of blueas the waves are in motion felt the shifting heartconsuming the smell of peacelife is a beautiful artnature is hope, keeping us at ease deeply inhaling the cold breezereturned the empty cup of teano thoughts can conquer this peaceuntil next time, eyes… Continue reading Beautiful Art

A Sublime Connection

Pinterest the young desiresblossomed to the rimyour gaze held mineas you sipped your drink cheers to the hearts instantly they linkedwasting no further timeour attracted bodies synced danced on the tune of passionundressed the shivering with satisfactionmind triggered LOVE to be the captionthe playful eyes formed a sublime connection @ Kritika

Chalk Particles

Blackboard duster with my innocencewrote love wordson a blackboardwith white chalk your eyes sawand blinkedthe white dusteryou picked slowly wiped the wordsthe heart started to hurt dust particles on the floor spreadwere the broken piecesof my heart, now dead @ Kritika Desperately wanted to use chalk particles as a simile for pieces of heart.… Continue reading Chalk Particles