To Begin

Illustration by Kritika Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. @ Kritika

Perplexed Vexation

damn these cheeks are hotforget not, this is what?do not know what shit to writeso chose face, is it alright?no foundation to concealrough look a tough veilbeauty not much of concernknowledge is an important termdoes body needs a tiring run?reminder for life: it is funchosing present overcoming pastwalk, run or jog but fastlifes moves are… Continue reading Perplexed Vexation

Mind Your Language

"FUCK OFF, GET LOST"Don't want the mind to exhaustYour tactful talksare no more winter socks Fire of feelings whichburned inside onceTarnished by your blaming wordswhich were not even equal to an ounce Gust of relief occupiedthis tottering heartHope this languagetorments your soullike the Deadliest Fart  ┬ęKritika Hope you liked this short cute poem by an innocent… Continue reading Mind Your Language