Mesmerizing Dance

clouds dance around the moonon the musicfrankly unknown shining brightin the middlebeauty its pridethere is no riddle with moon to danceeach cloud waitschance by chancemoon appreciates looking at playful skyprovoking me to be highpouring romantic thoughtsmy smile is what it caught cool breeze drying lipssomeone be near to kisssultry eyes mesmerizeddeviated and little shied powerful… Continue reading Mesmerizing Dance

Perplexed Vexation

damn these cheeks are hotforget not, this is what?do not know what shit to writeso chose face, is it alright?no foundation to concealrough look a tough veilbeauty not much of concernknowledge is an important termdoes body needs a tiring run?reminder for life: it is funchosing present overcoming pastwalk, run or jog but fastlifes moves are… Continue reading Perplexed Vexation

Fever 102°

Consumed by 102° feverWeakness demands freedomConfined to the bedWinnie the pooh embodied Cruel game of weatherActing as the body shredderLet go of me you devilWatch me become evil Cold and cough are time boundAs the weather changes they are aroundThree days rest and they bid farewellBut fever makes you feel 'definitely in hell' Feeling like a slothI… Continue reading Fever 102°