I thought I would find someone

I thought I would find someone to love me
Someone to adore and accept my mistakes
Someone who does never judges me
Someone who holds me tight to erase the bad thoughts I have in mind

Someone who rides besides me teaching what is the proper way
Someone who corrects my bad side
Someone who encourages me to perform my best
Someone who is trustworthy and honest

Someone who treats everyone with respect
Someone who helps me unveil my true self
Someone who opens a door when I find it to be closed
Someone who hugs me when I feel mundane

I don’t know if I ask for too much
These are not the only things I want in him as such
Deep down a little hope of finding him persists
Not sure even if such a person exists

I would give all what I got
To find the love which I have totally forgot
In daunt I have the want
To be besides this someone I hope I will find and mount.

There is no such person in existence
My mind is creating a deception
I need to rise alone
For my people and my own

I might feel bad today
But the new Sun will help me find a way
Accepting myself to be a warrior
Neglecting all thoughts which make me a worrier


Thank you for reading. Hope you liked the thought.

Hedious Human

The girl cried,’Let go of me’

The monster kept hurting her

and to the extreme.

Her unstoppable tears and excruciating pain.

The hedious human didn’t even saw

as the act let him to cut her vein.

The surroundings were turning black with every breath passing by.

Left without an aide from any passer by.

This is humanity and its vicious reality.

Drowned and depressed in its own cruelty.

A female bears the monster and nurtures him for this monstrosity?

Hurting another, is it sanity?

Thank you for reading. I don’t know if its complete or not. But I was out of words. It is my first time writing about this pain. Please do comment and let me know how should I amend it.

Not A Slave

Leaving the bed thinking did I meant it last night.
This combination of heart and mind. Huh.
Why are we fucked up when it comes to heart?
Acting as slaves. Thinking I might be wrong.
Knowing ‘might’ is not the right word.
Either a Yes or a No.

It was my ‘Call’, my decision.
I am not a Slave.
No courage required but the touch of some buttons.
I knew the reply. I very much was aware.
I had to cease it.
My priorities were suffering.

I convinced and let go.
Disrespect and disloyalty are not my words.
Honesty is imbibed in my soul.
Forget and forgive, I have done till age.
Will get what is mine.
Now or future, no specific time.


Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it.