Gap Filling Game

Activated a bombNot easy to diffuseFilled a sensitive gapHardly could refuse Years passedNot one dared to lastAttracted by youWell that was fast I used to consider:"This Heart is a caveCovered by icicles spear shaped.But it is an ice-creamMelts when it meets the dream" It is longSince you too have been goneTears do existBut they don't persist The active bombIs kept on holdAnother diffuser… Continue reading Gap Filling Game

Fever 102°

Consumed by 102° feverWeakness demands freedomConfined to the bedWinnie the pooh embodied Cruel game of weatherActing as the body shredderLet go of me you devilWatch me become evil Cold and cough are time boundAs the weather changes they are aroundThree days rest and they bid farewellBut fever makes you feel 'definitely in hell' Feeling like a slothI… Continue reading Fever 102°

Race Life: Quote

Race Life Why are Life's challenges hard to crack?We used to play racing games on PC, now mobile phones, with one objective in mind: To Win. Hurdles didn't matter, twisted roads filled with other vehicles didn't matter. What mattered was how well are we performing. What matters is how well are we performing?What is our… Continue reading Race Life: Quote