No hAngIng

No Hanging

fill those effete interstices
gild gold in every inch and nook
forget not you are precious
road is long, don’t hang on rusted hook


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Bag of Chits

You can connect from my last post ‘Drag to Trash’ about the preparations that I have started for 2020. This new poem below adds to the list. Figure it out.

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Remember the dream bag
you have been filling with chits
the hand written letters and numbers
amazingly planned tricks
smile, still it is time
to not be lazy but strict

make amends and get things fixed
one by one start to pick
fulfill them with satisfaction
and do not forget to mark each with a tick

@ Kritika

Mind Said,”


the tears have dried
your face is glowing
the stress free kind

darkness hid your
vulnerable state
the pillow readily
embraced your tears
like your best friend
while listening to your sad talks
sleep took over
that piercing pain
and made you strong

the night is important,

bid farewell to the past
present needs your acceptance to change
for the future to not ever feel the same.”


Hope you liked this motivational thought. ­čÖé