Love: Short Term

Now she knew what Love is. Three months ago, silent voices of frustration echoed in her mind. The search for a permanent solution from past many years was still on. Long walks under the moon light continued giving her courage. But till when she should depend upon patience?

A hope that things will be alright, she focused on herself. Her professional life was more of a burden but her hobbies made that easy. Strength training early in the morning, writing blog and evening walks. A schedule she maintained and followed along with the three activities which were her life.

Heartily she had been confiding all her feelings to the celestial body since the day she understood her parents were managing their relationship somehow. Considered Moon to be her only friend, she shared all her problems and together they would find the solution. Her girlfriends were equal to nothing when she found out that they were jealous of her and gave her advices which complicated her life. Why? She never asked and got herself free by cutting them off from her life.

The desperation overpowering her controlled emotions was igniting frustration. Desire of being physically attached bloomed when she saw a charming guy staring at her. There were 11 people in the café that day including the three waiters and the accountant. Sitting at the left corner table diagonal to hers, he signalled by his hand to ask for if he could join her. She innocently agreed with a nod and the conversation started. His blue eyes took away her heart but her mind poked to wait as she was aware of the current scenario and her observation power was good.

Two three meetings converted to satisfaction of physical needs, which she was desperately waiting for. He made her feel comfortable, a warmth she felt and his way of treating her made her to assume he loved her which she wanted but he was not the right guy. Two months of togetherness came to an end when he rejected to meet her every time she asked him. She then dropped the idea of meeting him ever and straightened her spine to focus on priorities.

Coffee in hand, after a month at the same café, she thought about her seriousness towards the guy and the web of love one romantically weaves. Her long walk after coffee, she discussed the same with the Moon and concluded that one can find Love for short periods as well. Lying in bed she wondered how many hearts he must have won.


This is Novembers FURIOUS FICTION story which I wrote. Not the best of what I wanted to write. Its just I don’t know what. I did not like the story this time. I guess its part of the process of learning.

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A Female Thief

“Mr. Rich has not left the bookstore since last two nights. What do you think is he up to? The curiosity is killing me. Wonder what the problem is. Has his wife kicked him out of home?” Mr. Pen said to Mr. Pencil who was relaxing inside a beautifully carved wooden pen stand. Mr. Pencil added, “The aroma of creamy delicious coffee too has not left the bookstore and have you noticed the fast food he is ordering for lunch? Wish I had a human body.” Mr. Pen had always kept track of everything about Mr. Rich. He was aware about the fights between him and his wife but they never lead to this extent that he had to live in bookstore for two nights straight. 

Engrossed in finding the answer to his own question, Mr. Pen had started speaking his mind in words,” Is he hiding here? From his wife or his parents? He must have not picked the kids from school on time or he must have been drinking a lot. But he is engaged in reading Tin Tin. What is going on?” Mr. Pencil, “Leave it to him. It is his bookstore let him do whatever he wants. You relax. Don’t be a detective. Sleep it is twelve. Look for answers tomorrow. Do not disturb me now. Good night“.

Around 3 am, Mr. Pen heard footsteps, the first time he thought he was dreaming, the second time he thought it must be Mr. Rich. Just to be sure, he opened his eyes and saw a girl with backpack tip toeing towards the music section. Waking Mr. Pencil, Mr. Pen pointed his finger towards the girl, amazed Mr. Pencil, “Who is she? What is she doing here at this hour?” Mr. Pen started yelling,” A thief, a female thief…” Mr. Pencil annoyed by his behaviour hushed him, “Are you nuts? We are not humans. Mr. Rich can’t hear us. You will turn me deaf.” Mr. Pen,” Do something. You are clever. Wake him up.” Mr. Pencil,” Okay. I get your concern. But seriously we cannot do anything. You are just a pen and I am just a pencil. Hey wait, Mr. Rich is awake. He will surely get her”.

Mr. Pen attentively saw Mr. Rich turning on the lights after he noticed a shadow and with swift movements grabbed both her hands. Mr. Pencil told Mr. Pen, “He already knew someone was stealing books. This is what made him stay at the bookstore. I overheard Mr. Rich talking over phone, today evening, about the bookstore thefts going around this area. Though I remember she came yesterday wearing a beige coloured sweatshirt with her aunt. Right?” Mr. Pen agreed.

After calling the police, Mr. Rich asked her the reason for this grubby game. She told him nothing apart from her name, Ms. Nameless. Police arrived and thanked Mr. Rich for solving this latest crime. The girl and the policemen left the bookstore. Mr. Pen with no doubts slept peacefully.


This short story I wrote for Furious Fiction for the month of October 2019 which I could not submit. Let me know how is it.

Note from the Author
Copyright 2020 (All rights reserved)
Copying of the content and image is not permissible. The writers put in their souls in writing a piece of literature. A prior permission of the author of the blog is mandatory before using the content or the image (which has been created by the author of the blog).

Need science for bed time

Stories related to science, be it fiction or non-fiction, for bed time are a must. A goodnight’s sleep without it is not possible for me. So I picked up my new book, ‘The Discovery of Oxygen (O)’, which I had been poking my mother to buy since last month, was finally in my hands last Sunday. Being busy all week finishing the old read, today I touched the fascinating cover of the new paperback. Staring at it for full two minutes, as if I was consuming the word Oxygen written on it, slowly opened the legendary discovery for reading. Going through the contents with fingers pointing at each word and careful observation went simultaneously inside this little head. Excitedly I turned to the next page focusing on the History where early experiments were mentioned with names of different scientists who accidentally discovered the gas. Experiments stating different elements I recognised from the extra classes I take from my chemistry teacher, Mr. Singh. Profound reading of the early experiments made me to write my queries in my science notebook to ask Mr. Singh the next day after school.

Don’t know when did sleep overtook my reading, I woke up to the buzzing sound of millions of honey bees. It is the vibrating mode of the new table clock my grandmother gifted me. Pressing the stop button, I jumped from the bed. Curiosity to meet Mr Singh was reflected from the way I was performing all the morning rituals, in haste. Grabbing the school bag I stepped out of home cheerfully routing towards the bus stand where I always find trouble in my inhales and exhales. ‘Pollution affects the human lungs and the greenery surrounding us. Oxygen levels seem to be decreasing day by day. We need to plant more trees but these automobiles, the increasing traffic. Where are we heading towards?’ Pondering, I added some additional questions, in my mind, to ask Mr. Singh. Boarded the bus, I started an open discussion on the topic of pollution with my school mates.

It takes the bus 30 minutes to reach our school and the pollution discussion went for about 10 minutes, the rest 20 minutes were consumed discussing activities we all are going to opt for the Annual Day. Regular time table was followed including the exciting science class. I went to Mr. Singh, straight after classes got over. He was recognised by the name of Jowls, among students. It was a secret hidden from him which somehow he knew. He cleared all my queries and gave me a chocolate as an accolade. Smilingly I made my way towards the playground where I inhaled freshness and played football.

As per our ritual, discussions upon the new book ‘Discovery of Oxygen (O)’ and pollution went on with Dad on our way back home. I was happy to see him turning the ignition off on the red signal and impressed with his behaviour I decided to buy him a pair of his favourite socks.


This story was submitted, without title, to Furious Fiction for the month of September 2019. A first step towards writing stories, it was written in four hours taking care of the specifics as per the competition. Sharing the same on the blog with all the readers. Hope you like it.🙂