One could stay tuned…

I have seen people
die in love
never knew
one could wait to
one could stay tuned
dance in the rain
passionately waiting
be it a silent cry
sobs with no voice
but love stays

so pure
its intrinsic value is
hard to ignore
its features
courage and patience
delay in deliverance
loving someone is
loving your ownself

beautiful and commendable
the once who wait
with patience
enjoying its true self
encouraged enough
to know themselves
singing songs like
chirping birds
playing guitars
with music beating
like heart

its no waste
the uncertain nature
life carries
does has a meaning
a goal
love is no joke
in and out of it
gives life a meaning
a certainity
of your living
this wonderful life

Love it.
Life needs to be loved to find love.




Friendship Blocked

I thought friendship is a word with meaning
I don’t know what others are seeking
Intentions are pure and profoundly gentle
People act as consciously dismantled.

Found a friend who provoked me to climb
And blocked me as if I was worth not a dime
No reason I could make out from the act
I don’t even know how to react

Is it this easy to break a bond?
Might be the friendship was not that strong.
An explanation is what I want.
Am I being rational or acting like an enfant?


Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it.

Miss my fish, my only pet

Its the natural pain within me

screaming and crying to drown in your company

so blessed I felt around you

so obessesed I was taking care of you

your soul left your body numb

my heart sank touching the bottom

hope you would have find a comfortable place afterlife

my tears are the answer as the time passes by

shall keep you within me always

can never find anyone to replace

this parting is painful

but your suffering was more hurtful

have never loved another soul so pure

your memories are only there to keep me alive for sure

love you more than anything near to me in this life Red.

Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it.

Day before yesterday, I buried my only pet my fish Mr. Red.

Few Understand

The beauty of my integrity
Unacceptable to the world filled with difficulty
Thoughts so profound and straight
Misunderstood by people who hate.

After analysing the people in my vicinity
I found a fixed pattern of reciprocity
Only few left in this world of monstrosity
Who care to understand with conformity

Thank you for reading this short poem. Hope you liked it.

It Matters

You know it matters when you are face to face.

You know it matters when you actually speak.

You know it matters when you react.

You know it matters when you sense the air.

You know it matters when you feel the comfort.

It matters only when you together commit a crime and laugh out loud while abusing and hiting each other.

Friends of this kind last even if they are apart.

Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it. Comments are welcome.

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