Grey, Red, Pink, Yellow

Pinterest Image "gilded in your grey lovelonging for the redness of heartpromises of the shade pinkfriendship like the yellow flower" @ Kritika Story Behind:The promises your friendship held, showed me dreams of togetherness.Longed for your mind and soul. You thought she would come back and make you whole.


Image: Pinterest I thought, love has an endwhich of course is marriagebut I am in love with a friendwho asks and seeks nothingJust listens to my breathsand heartbeats and kisses to dust away my stressI thought, love has an endand she is getting marriedbut my love for her is the sameI ask and seek for… Continue reading Connection

Rusty Sports Car

Under the plastic shadeDepressed old age speaksThe once shiny skin is now dullYoung memories appear once asleep Masculine seducing bodyHardly left untouched by any womanSporty genre was honourPhotographs with awards in journals Talks about the ferocious speedEverywhere my victory applaudedBrands waiting for meetingsPassion for work rewarded Now the gear box is rustyInside and outside is dustyFour legs have lost their speedStory of… Continue reading Rusty Sports Car