Grandmas Doing Push Ups

Age is an excuse
To get rid of all the clues
Not to solve any health puzzle
In the ears, the oldies put nozzles

50 year olds don’t care
Fitness techniques for them is a dare
Excuses which seem not fair
Body pains they are ready to share

Pretending to be doing yoga poses
Working together on poking others noses
Choosing friends for laughter doses
Easily all the focus looses

30 year olds are doing the same
Working their asses off like insane
Running after wants and money
Everything about health is funny

Rare articles about grandmas doing push ups
Others cannot even think about early waking up

Healthy living is a choice
Do listen to the pleading inner voice.



Hope you like the thought.🙂


Yoga Need

A series of yoga poses
in a flow
giving the heart peaceful roses
with thorns attached with misty glow

So ruined at times the mind feels
Disgusted thoughts with no place to scream
This series of poses relaxes me
Inside Out the body is relieved

Now the skin glows with the inner shine
Thoughts flow in a proper line
One should try it out as it is the need
A yoga enthusiast writes this for you as an important feed.


Pain to Gain

Legs were in pain
My need for a Run to gain
A core so tight and stiff
Strength being my motive

Stepping out in an awesome weather
The insights kindle like a feather

Flowing with the wind
I start with a sprint
Body moving like it was craving
With all the energy it was saving

Feeling gay and bright
Running with good speed in the night
Fit and healthier the body feels
The more I push, the more my insights respond in zeal

‘Just do it’ my Nikes yelled
I am free not compelled
A loud shout from the brain said,’ Stop’
Happy me finally took a hop.

This hunger will not fade away
It is like this every day.

 Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it.

Photograph credit to Kritika 🙂