Moon as a Teacher

The night walk In the cool airHeadphones onI start to repair Song startsFor the brave heartsNoted the timethe shoes with the music chimed A glance at the skyMy feet suddenly stopwith fixated eyes which try to intensely analyse Clouds dancingAround the MoonOn the musicTo me unknown Shining brightlyShowing off its beautyThe dignified Moon standsConducting its duty […]

Twinkling Eyes

Touching her calm face, relaxed my panic ridden mind. For some minutes, I pondered over what made her to keep her apartments door unlocked when she had planned to lay naked on the carpet of her drawing room. She was asleep. After locking the door, I went to pick her silky smooth body in my […]

A Run to Begin

life begins when the heart beats fast you just keep moving with no stopping (in head) the dark thoughts slowly becoming light heavily the throat gasps for air melancholy face stares at the sky brightening with the drops of sweat facing the wind becoming cool breeze for the skin which wants to glow red and […]