Surprise The water splash was a tight slap to my unstoppable tears. While wiping my face, it slapped me again and soaked me completely in its coolness. The transition of the road to sea left me aghast. Rubbed my eyes thrice but it was still present. Nipped the upper arm to check the reality. ‘WhereContinue reading “suRprIse”

‘No care for the Sky’ by Goff James and Kritika

No care for the skyThe bird was meant to fly highA flutter of breeze Boughs whispering wakeSilence stains the break of dayFreedom attracts hope byGoff James and Kritika Maheshwari A collaborative effort of Goff James and Kritika (me) wherein Goff has helped me to understand what a Haiku is. Being a free verse writer, itContinue reading “‘No care for the Sky’ by Goff James and Kritika”

Red Nose On Spillwords Press

the day which ceased in your armsnow the nights have turned darkblack numbness appalls this soulwhen will you return, a cry strolls a phone call or a text, I waittwo people living in different statesbounded by the witchcraft of timewhen shall we finish our rhyme? … Full poem can be found on @ KritikaContinue reading “Red Nose On Spillwords Press”