suRprIse Surprise The water splash was a tight slap to my unstoppable tears. While wiping my face, it slapped me again and soaked me completely in its coolness. The transition of the road to sea left me aghast. Rubbed my eyes thrice but it was still present. Nipped the upper arm to check the reality.… Continue reading suRprIse

ThauMAturGy oF tIme Drinking and soaking self in the rain when a voice called out my name. A bottle of whiskey in hand, I thought I left my cellphone in the pub so I turned around to see but found no figure was approaching me. Another thought of deliberately leaving that irritating object arrived which cancelled the… Continue reading ThauMAturGy oF tIme

A Vampire Movie

AUDIENCE WATCHING MORTAL IMMORTAL ROMANCE Vampire movies are attractionMortal Immortal love, a fantastic situationAudience applauding on this romantic relation Ancient stories of the vampires goes side by sideThe good and the bad vampires always fightThis background of the story gives the audience an insight Disturbance created by the mortals introduction Beautiful tale and a nice… Continue reading A Vampire Movie