Turbulent Sea

Made by Puja: My crime partner. born to be fed on the platter of sufferingsand pain, a distressed female. tossing and turning on the bed in darkness, hiding the aching heart. Ignorance till when shall calm? the turbulent sea never wanted a sea shorefull of sparkling shells. Engaging in discomfort, comfort nevergave her any credit.… Continue reading Turbulent Sea

Wait for the new music

Pinterest Image slowly would wake upkeeping aside the lazy pillowa sigh for another empty daywithout you it feels very low the paean of autumn leaveswhich your lips hummed turned to a drowned fantasyrustle no longer can be heard the camera of the winking starscaptured our togetherness in nightsworn-out, sympathetically they lookyour balmy calmness now out… Continue reading Wait for the new music