Empty Inside Out

I am feeling a lot weirdeither I dont know meobviously I dont know the worldits so empty inside and outno one I blamebut I never understood the crowdmoving out just to meet the massall I like is the green grasswalking barefoot on empty side walkI feel to watch more and no talka question of my… Continue reading Empty Inside Out

Scribble Giggle

when the baby scribbles and smiles reflecting creativity from his eyes shining bright like a twinkling star the baby moves with innocent laughs gripping crayonswith small handssensible colour choicemaking cute noiseputting all his strengthtearing paper apartkilling with cutenessgrabs every heart attention it seeks feels itself a geek with its innovative hands it crawls to explore… Continue reading Scribble Giggle

Taste each type of honey

There is so much to exploreEveryday I hope to not have been broke The world has unexplored treasuresBody craves to feel those pleasures The colourful life of gipsies and wanderersWish to become one of such travellers Lustful eyes deliberately surf the internetWatching earth videos and photographswhich they never forget Selfishly busy creating a business for… Continue reading Taste each type of honey