The Melting

Pinterest down where I felt your breathcooling the rage out of methe beauty of your tingling touchserpentine moves weakening meglistening eyes speaking divinecrazily you put your hands on one moundsqueezing a groan out of my mouthmore of me wants more of us as houndstopographically tagging my melting spotsso want you to take me to the… Continue reading The Melting

A Cadbury Island

the melted sweetness you pouredmy midriff tasted and asked for morethe lower back readily formed a bridgeyour hands slid and held the ridge the show off of your creative handsfinger tips busy making A Cadbury Islandyour never ending aesthetic stylethis uniqueness always brings me to smile the irresistible fervor of your artsimultaneous beats of my… Continue reading A Cadbury Island

HER/HIM: On Cloud Nine The setting sun united two people who were apart for awhile with a happy ending to the micro series as well. You might have guessed that the events mentioned in the series are of a day. Compact and ImpactfulWas it?Please let me know your reviews through comments. I am also attaching the links for… Continue reading HER/HIM: On Cloud Nine