Dream Face

Pinterest saw a dream'you and meinthe shadow of tree'like reality infatuatedby your smilediscussing poemsand rhymes alarm bellrang thricewoke upquestioningwhat was his face like? @ Kritika Don't you think dreams should also reveal faces?

Bag of Chits

You can connect from my last post 'Drag to Trash' about the preparations that I have started for 2020. This new poem below adds to the list. Figure it out. Pinterest Image Remember the dream bagyou have been filling with chitsthe hand written letters and numbersamazingly planned tricks?smile, still it is timeto not be lazy… Continue reading Bag of Chits

Pillow Talk

Pinterest Image trying to get upbut my pillow wants a hugmorning birds chirpingpillow says, 'keep dreamingabout the birds you hearlet the time pass my dearyou know your needsthis week you have sowed your seedslet your body and mind restsay NO to all the upcoming guestsresults are always betterwhen you work like a go-getterjust lay for… Continue reading Pillow Talk