The Sour Curd

Memories started running wildBody transformed to a childFearful, afraid, in its cocoon stillUnhappily working on others will Speechless to every human around'Zero excuses, mistakes none to be found'Responsible like an adult would sound'Yes' carried a meaning profound Religiously followed society rulesNever questioned, stood like fools Always being compared to others  Did silence bothered these butchers? Killing dreams with vindictive wordsThe young carefully… Continue reading The Sour Curd

Now A Selfish Crown

you were let downby the world whodidn't gave you your crown ranked always amongst the averageno love was showeredby the beloveds who praised others of your age broken and lost you found depressionas your solutionliving life to the fullestnever was your intention compared, dejected by your own belovedsrunning away gradually became the objective searching for solace … Continue reading Now A Selfish Crown

Just the physical presence?

'No human can survive without feelings and emotions' a person so desperatelywants to be closethat she forgetsone has emotionsfeelings which makes the other to cryto cry to an extentthat he forgetshis own individualityhis own life you come closeto hurtto make the other feel vulnerabledistressed, dejected, detachedfrom his own selfand the surroundings sometimes to an extent thathe… Continue reading Just the physical presence?