Pole Dancer

Vector Stock wrapped her frustrationin the prettiest attireglistening like a crystalshe became the fire stepped inside the barsoaring high in heelsleaving behind the tearsalive is what she wants to feel yearning for freedompetrified in taxing painthe overflowing wineleft a non washable stain emptying the glass contentsdiscarding the tasteless winelet the excitement beginearning for survival is… Continue reading Pole Dancer

Moon as a Teacher

Google Images The night walk In the cool airHeadphones onI start to repair Song startsFor the brave heartsNoted the timethe shoes with the music chimed A glance at the skyMy feet suddenly stopwith fixated eyes which try to intensely analyse Clouds dancingAround the MoonOn the musicTo me unknown Shining brightlyShowing off its beautyThe dignified Moon standsConducting… Continue reading Moon as a Teacher


Pinterest That one look, took my breath awayher charming moves and my heart swayedinclining towards her dancing feetto the head she is my beauty queengaze of my whistling eyesshe rejected not once by twicedrowned in music her body groovedmagnetic field formed but none movedwatching her wings spread wide a woman with heels has gone wildthe… Continue reading Tango