Other side of Nature

I challenged nature today. Heavy rains, flooded roads. I was scared, shivering, on my two wheeler while coming back from office from a different (dry) area of the city. Reaching home was not easy. Experienced the other side of nature, the side which I had only watched on TV. Read more... City floods and cars… Continue reading Other side of Nature

Yoga Mat

Spreading the yoga mat on the floora different confidence palpitates inside knowing the next step will give wings feel the breath and fly high Thoughts which engulf after stepping different from the ones earlier owned like I crossed a transparent barrier transducing mind from negative to positive The role I desire to play is not… Continue reading Yoga Mat

Nothingness to find resilience

Shut the door, pleaseFor sometime I want to ceaseFree from the stupid tease My room, my spacePause this nonsensical chase My thoughts, my desireswhy is everybody else on fire? my life, my choicewhy can't I raise my voice? these self created rulestill when will one choose? Wrong or rightwill not lose the fightBut for the… Continue reading Nothingness to find resilience