Pinterest 'Facing a full body length mirrorI only had one thing in mind...'Read more Many a times I have lost it. Comparing self with others has always dwindled my confidence making me feel lost, hopeless. This already published post needs to be read again. @ Kritika

Yoga Mat

Spreading the yoga mat on the floora different confidence palpitates inside knowing the next step will give wings feel the breath and fly high Thoughts which engulf after stepping different from the ones earlier owned like I crossed a transparent barrier transducing mind from negative to positive The role I desire to play is not… Continue reading Yoga Mat

Mirror is Booster

Faltering self confidence needs a boost. Facing a full body length mirrorI only had one thing in mindYou are the only oneI want to have by my side Standing in attentionSearching for perfectionOnly this passionCan match my aggression Will nurture you in the darknessWill never let you feel helplessWill always offer forgivenessWill care for you in… Continue reading Mirror is Booster