https://www.guillenphoto.com/en/photo-series-in-black-and-white-on-wetlands-birds.html the hands of fearhave clasped the mind comfortable is it?have no answer to my whys please get off methe life lies not in your comfortmy whys need answersI am the inquisitive explorer just got one lifewant to try every possibilityliving like an unknowndoes not adds to my credibility @ Kritika Today is Leap Day… Continue reading Whys


Image: Pinterest I thought, love has an endwhich of course is marriagebut I am in love with a friendwho asks and seeks nothingJust listens to my breathsand heartbeats and kisses to dust away my stressI thought, love has an endand she is getting marriedbut my love for her is the sameI ask and seek for… Continue reading Connection