Sunset Spot HER Looking at his smiling face, mouthing seductive words which formed a naughty glint in his eyes, tempted me to touch him and make him mine. He parked the car on our secret sunset spot and we resumed our kissing. His hands reached for my heart claiming it to be his. The rising fervor… Continue reading Sunset Spot

Show Off

Geometrical Colours by Kritika The best part of the month was showing off my creativity to the people living nearby with no form of jealousy attached, only appreciation. Diwali, the festival of light, which I enjoy only because of Rangoli (above&below) and the Diyas surrounding it to enhance its beauty. Is not it beautiful? Red, Yellow,… Continue reading Show Off

Natures Reality – Clutched

Surreality of natures realityDiving into the awesome beautyThoughts automatically shiftPhysically too dragged towards this gift Granted by the planet EarthMany parts of it remain unfurledUnknown colours and living creaturesEveryday discover some new features Spending camp nights around creepersCollecting fireflies disturbing sleepersWaking up at the sounds of birdsAnd people think such people are nerds Limitless was this all when untouchedDisturbed by people it is now clutchedThis is why natures… Continue reading Natures Reality – Clutched