mUd Mud slippery brown in the greenrains create this blessed scenetasting it all are many small feetplayfully they dance as the Nature greets motherly comfort when they falltransforms to a bed as they crawlmassaging their muscles with its greasereadying future soldiers by acting as their lee byKritika Note from the AuthorCopyright 2020 (All rights reserved)Copying… Continue reading mUd

The Achene Flight

Google Images The leaf whispered in my ear:'Would you like to travel dear?' A dandelion stared in my eyes:'A ride without any price.' Approval of the palpitating heart.Nerves throbbing for the journey to start. Would have to hold the achene tight.Only fearless choose this risky flight. Gradually attaining a good height.Found many like me, the… Continue reading The Achene Flight

Need science for bed time

Stories related to science, be it fiction or non-fiction, for bed time are a must. A goodnight’s sleep without it is not possible for me. So I picked up my new book, ‘The Discovery of Oxygen (O)’, which I had been poking my mother to buy since last month, was finally in my hands last… Continue reading Need science for bed time