The Sour Curd

Memories started running wildBody transformed to a childFearful, afraid, in its cocoon stillUnhappily working on others will Speechless to every human around‘Zero excuses, mistakes none to be found’Responsible like an adult would sound‘Yes’ carried a meaning profound Religiously followed society rulesNever questioned, stood like fools Always being compared to others  Did silence bothered these butchers? Killing dreams with vindictive wordsThe young carefully […]

More such moments

Eyes met eyes behind rimmed glassesBoth the individuals had glowing facesSoftly the old hands interlaced her fingersApproval reflected by her head on his shoulderWatching the setting sun and the sea togetherThe purity in love seemed to exist foreverTwo old souls connected not by legalityBut a desperation an individual seeksSmiling comfort was their posture languageTogether they […]

Now is difficult

Easy was when I was littleNo hurriesNo worries The world was lightBooks and delightsOutdoor gamesAnimated moviesFelt just Right Breaking utensilsFighting with siblingsColourful scribblingChocolate favourite filling Inquisitiveness attachedMusic for danceCreativity the only genreEating earth was honor No colour differenceNo religious inferenceNo judgemental viewsNo assumptive clues Honestly honestSurroundings are no bestNow is difficultUnderstanding communities and cults ©Kritika Hope you enjoyed […]