Have to be an actor

A smile is missingBut I am workingTo improve my paceTo excel in the race Absent you areBut present in my heartRemembering your charmI start my work without any alarm Gradually the tears are fadingAnd I am concentrating Time is a factorTo become an actorSmiling face OnKeep aside what is gone Selfish it soundsBut it is… Continue reading Have to be an actor

Rat and Me and the Night

In the middle of the nightMy bladder was heavy and tightReaction to which was awfulBut I had to empty what was full Some how I left the bedWalking with body half dead Managed to opened the doors of bladders roomUnaware of what held next or whom Stepping inside closing the door A small fatty creature lay still on… Continue reading Rat and Me and the Night

I thought I would find someone

I thought I would find someone to love meSomeone to adore and accept my mistakesSomeone who does never judges me Someone who holds me tight to erase the bad thoughts I have in mind Someone who rides besides me teaching what is the proper waySomeone who corrects my bad sideSomeone who encourages me to perform my bestSomeone who is trustworthy and honest… Continue reading I thought I would find someone