Comfort-A sedative

nomatter how torn
nomatter how disoriented
but comfort
is all you need
to relax
to let go
to submit

its loving nature
a welcoming gesture
just hug
be at peace within

the unwanted thoughts
when you submit
embrace the comfort

available in different forms
tangible and intangible
material and non material
accept it

let your mind relax
and your body be heavy
lean on the shoulder of comfort
act as its submissive

its simple
but important
and be baptized



One could stay tuned…

I have seen people
die in love
never knew
one could wait to
one could stay tuned
dance in the rain
passionately waiting
be it a silent cry
sobs with no voice
but love stays

so pure
its intrinsic value is
hard to ignore
its features
courage and patience
delay in deliverance
loving someone is
loving your ownself

beautiful and commendable
the once who wait
with patience
enjoying its true self
encouraged enough
to know themselves
singing songs like
chirping birds
playing guitars
with music beating
like heart

its no waste
the uncertain nature
life carries
does has a meaning
a goal
love is no joke
in and out of it
gives life a meaning
a certainity
of your living
this wonderful life

Love it.
Life needs to be loved to find love.



Life and Stairs

my hand held tight
told to pick the right leg high
stamping the feet on the first stair
courageous smile on face appears

the left automatically off the ground
feeling of confidence and proud
unstable for few seconds i was
hand holding me managed me at last

its time to think about the next
will be better than the first assuring myself
optimism flowing inside this baby body
developing mental skills with a wish to be a boss cody

the life acts as the stairs
from the childhood to the old white hair
a push is always needed from the first
the next seems easy and hurdles become a thirst


Calling Me Back

calling me back with a news.

good for your ownself, no relation with me.

what was it?

the past is the past, you should know.

i have gained strength and met better.

better than you in all respects.

understand please the words i say

you meant nothing and mean nothing in my present.

a present which has an exciting unknown future.

bye forever for thy shall never be able to reclaim my integrity and voice.

words are heavy, do reread them, if you ever think about calling your past in future.


Challenge Accepted



The game begins where you prove your worth not to others but yourself.

Yes, You.

You accepted it. You know your worth.

No turning back. As the world knows you have set your limitation at least with the acceptance of the challenge.

Might be, you are way too more than the current one.

Love it. Like it. Laugh at it.

Because you are worthy.

Not just this one baby but more to come.