Stars Conspire Wish stars could answer all my questionsinstead they only listenpatiently to my nonsenseI have a lot many topicsfor discussionthere is no onewho is this patientso I choose desertiontalking to selfwith detailed explanationas stars won't really answer my questionsbut there presence conspiresto find a better solution @ Kritika Thoughts produce questions which need a healthy… Continue reading Stars Conspire

Stupid Curiosity- A Poetical Journeys End

the conspiratorial ocean conjured two souls meant to be one, lured kissed under the beautiful lit sky approaching an island, sighing Dry feet submerged in wet sand with sun ablaze hat and sunglasses on, confronting the beautiful phase only in dreams, confessed to the sailor, I saw happy I accepted this opportunity no second thought… Continue reading Stupid Curiosity- A Poetical Journeys End