Stupid Curiosity- A Poetical Journey’s End (Re-Post)

the conspiratorial ocean conjuredtwo souls meant to be one, luredkissed under the beautiful lit skyapproaching an island, sighing Dry feet submerged in wet sand with sun ablazehat and sunglasses on, confronting the beautiful phaseonly in dreams, confessed to the sailor, I sawhappy I accepted this opportunity no second thought came to forgo a densely populated… Read More Stupid Curiosity- A Poetical Journey’s End (Re-Post)


the intertwining of the breeze with the leavescaptivated eyes get a dose of relief moon smiling bright at the romantic connectionlighting the dark for the eyes to feel the tender breeze kissing and whispering loveeyes long to taste this precious pleasure stars blinking, sighing, watching such affectiondreamy eyes in hunt of this treasure celestial bodies… Read More vaLuaBle

loOseN anD flOat

Loosen and Float under the guidance of the starsmapping the route to simplicitycadence of there sweet voicesbenevolence shining brightly behold the nature of tranquilityabsorb to absolve at every stepfloat in the rhythm of affabilityloosen and follow there footsteps byKritika Note from the AuthorCopyright 2020 (All rights reserved)Copying of the content and image is not permissible.… Read More loOseN anD flOat